'Art and Event Coffee Shop', Israel

From concept to the first exhibition inside. From prototype to real. From sign board to paintings on the wall. Totally handmade. Eclectic. Color splash.
All began from this interior painting.

We took as a facade design my geometric colorful painting and multiplies the pattern side to 4*4 meters. Then there were a few days of painting and liters of paint. The huge old window we painted in a bright yellow color.

It was quite difficult to transfer the pattern into so big square because of lots of protrusions and differences in planes.


Then we created the 2 meters dog for a signboard from wood, plywood, and metal. Painted it and add an LED stripe for the perimeter.

The logo was showing to the coffee lovers that the coffee shop is dog-friendly.

Then we put a lot of golden warm lights everywhere (inside and outside) and add the colorful street fairy lights on the terrace, palms and colons.

Visitors joked that our cafe is visible from Space :)


A few months we were reconstructing, rebuilding, painting. From furniture such as chairs and bar table to walls and doors. Below are some photos 'before' and 'after'. We gave the second life to many old and even thrown things.

From the beginning, we organized a few exhibitions with our artworks in the walls: acrylic paintings and ink graphics. Soon we started to place the artworks of other artists, painters, photographs, collectors.

At the same time, we open our door to a lot of lectors, writers, poets, dancers, cinema critiques and organize the culture evenings with projector demonstrations, desserts and coffee drinks.

After the opening, we received wide support from the media and the municipality of the city. A few articles are below.

2018 TAILS art & event coffee shop opening. Review article on colbonews.co.il (Israel)
Link to review article | PDF-version

2018 TAILS art & event coffee shop opening. Interview article on haifaru.co.il (Israel)
Link to interview article | PDF-version

2018 TAILS art & event coffee shop concept. Interview article on haifaru.co.il (Israel)
Link to interview article | PDF-version

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