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The quick story: we bought an old flat in Spain and got some aged furniture and objects left. From the one part of the old furniture set we rebuild and repainted to black the fake fireplace. In this article, I show my way to adorn it ❤️
1. Place the mirror on the wall

I used a previously repainted and artificially aged old mirror which I got from the previous flat owners, but the square shape painting also will suit perfectly.

Mirror: no brand :)
Reflections of mirror
2. Place a glass transparent vase
I have one with a light-pink-bubbled effect.

Vase: Jysk
3. Fill out the vase with flowers
I used dried plants from the neighbouring old park area, but the fresh blossoms are also awesome.
Dried plants
4. Add small paintings or graphics and a nice metallic frame
I used one of my old flower watercolour sketches and support it with a gold frame.

Graphic: “Pink Rose” by IRENA TONE, frame: IKEA
Watercolour sketch in frame by IRENA TONE
5. Add the central piece of art. It can be a sculpture, figurine, candleholder etc
I used our original arty candleholder for 3 candles. Golden candles are ideally combined with other golden elements.

Arty sculpture candleholder: IRENA TONE, golden candles: Amazon.
Arty Candleholder Sculpture by IRENA TONE

Arty Candleholder for 3 Candles 

Black. Minimalistic. Abstract. Spheres: from molecules to planets. Look around: mono sphere or billions of small combinations of spheres - this all is our world.

6. Put the electric fireplace (heater) inside and turn the fake fire on
We previously planned the socket for this, but in the case is no electricity in the place the set of battery plastic candles will be also nice.

Electric heater: Leroy Merlín.
Electric heater
✨ I hope my way of decorating the fake fireplace will be helpful. The results are below:
The results
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