'Experiments' Series, 2020
Our workshop looks like a laboratory: plastic cans, measuring devices, electronic scales, medical gloves and masks. We mix the pigments with the components, and the components with each other, observe the thermal reactions, set the time and enjoy the experiments.
'Color Wheel' Series, 2020
Bright ideal balanced tones, based on 'color wheel' method
'Opacity' Series, 2020
The color in the different opacity percentage creates different tones. What will be if collect all opacity degrees from 10% to 100% in one area? Let's see in the 'Opacity' series.
'Melted' Series, 2020
Mixed-media paintings look like something melted hot summer day
'Monochrome' Series, 2020
The monochrome paintings like a result of inspiration by black colors
'In Relationship with Office' Series, 2019-2020
What is the phenomenon of office life? Why do we think we are spending our lives on the right things? Why do we put on suits, communicate with office equipment and create something illusory in huge buildings of glass and metal? What makes us do this every day? Does that make sense? And, if so, is it worth our life?
'Crazy Tropical Quilt' Series, 2020
What does 'crazy quilt' means? It is an incredible mix of colors and shapes. Too bright and too colorful, but at the same time cozy, friendly and attractive. Too good to lie on the side
'City Animals Prefer Fast Food' Series, 2019
Did you notice something unfamiliar? Or it is a common situation? Do you think it is rather good or rather bad? Do you eat something like this? I do. And what about your pets? Do they? Or city animals? A lot of questions and a lot of reasons to think about. Only one is clear: changing our life, we changing the animal's life too
'Art and Event Coffee Shop', Israel, 2017-2018
From concept to the first exhibition inside. From prototype to real. From sign board to paintings on the wall. Totally handmade. Eclectic. Color splash
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