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Volume. Shining. Original

Art for home handmade with love in Spain | by artists Irena Tone & Ros Kozhman
Created by Award-Winning Artists
Worldwide represented, award-winning artists, and international open-call finalists, Irena Tone and Ros Kozhman are working together, creating art as a creative couple.

Previously having art practice and workshops in Israel (Haifa), Ukraine (Kyiv) and England (London), in 2022 artists moved to Spain (Valencia) to continue to create their brand of arty products, sculptures, wall art, and arty interior products such as mirrors, candle holders, vases and lamps.

Irena and Ros often make a non-standard presentation of the usual life in their work. By hyperbolizing, making simple or using metaphors they propose you take a fresh look at the nature of familiar things. They primarily use pure primary materials and mediums. They work on abstract, figurative, with thematic series, in small, middle and big formats.

Understanding the material's nature and physical processes helps Irena and Ros to use steel, metal and stainless steel for their sculptures in a non-standard way, without welding, with their special author's methods.

Artworks created by Irena and Ros are in private home collections and presented in interior shops and online platforms Worldwide, in Europe, the UK, the USA, and Asia countries.
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